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Nicole Basran


364mc – professional practice portfolio: Media Production – 1415AAA


Portfolio PDF


CV (analysis)

Nicole Basran CV

after talking to the careers advisor about my CV, I have update the information on my CV taking out old information. As well as shortening information to bullet points to make it brief and to the point, which also makes it a much easier to read for employers.

I have changed the layout from a standard left to right written word document, to something with is more eye catching. It’s over the top with colours or images. It is just a few font changes with different positions which make it look different.

I have tried to keep my CV to one page, which from my research was an advantage and would work in my favour how ever there is some information that I can’t take away just yet as I don’t have much experience to show case my skills full so I still have some old experiences on my CV that I feel gives employers better knowledge of my skills and who I am. As I get more experience in the future I will be able to change my CV to be less old information which hopefully make my CV shorter and be on one page.

One of the good things about my new CV is that I can easily, so when apply for placements/jobs I can change bites of information so It caters to the job. But I feel with this new CV I will have a better chance at obtaining schemes/jobs, as it is more to the point, letting them know what skills I have. It reads easier and isn’t long winded.

After Graduation (reflection)

My Plan for after graduation is try an get as much experience in broadcasting as I can, to build my portfolio to eventually get into a higher role, and maybe outside of the country. Right now I am applying to as many schemes which will help boost my contact list and again experience.

This module has help me prepare myself with what to expect from the working world. However I understand that it will take a while to get to where I want to go. I am hoping that by the research done on this module it will give me a better chance when it comes to applying for schemes and jobs. As I have learnt from the bigger companies, what they are looking for It is likely smaller production companies will look for the same things.

As final year is closing in fast, It is time to start applying for graduate schemes that offer a longer placement then, 2 weeks work experience. Applying for schemes/job could be a long process taking the day to search and find, then reading about what they are looking for and then the application process takes time as you want to it to be to its best. Then it is the waiting game, I do wish I had applied for more graduate placements to get a head start before graduating. However I will have to start applying now and hope I won’t be waiting to long for a replies, I have found a few schemes with bigger companies like, Sky, through their academy schemes as well as looking on ‘Creative access’ which is a website that posts internships opportunities from television companies.

overall I need to finish my CV and work on building my portfolio so I can be a strong candidate for when it comes to applying.

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I have looked in to film festivals, which relate to my target audience. Like the London Indian Film Festival, London Asian Film festival, British Urban Film Festival and many other local festival. I would like to reach a wider audience as I feel the story is gripping and different. I have looked in to submitting to the Raindance festival and Sundance festival. Also in other countries like The New York Indian Film Festival, I will have to submit my short film through general or late application due to the late shooting. I have placed my film up on vimeo but it is password protected. once I have heard back from the film festivals then I can decide to release it or not.

I have for the last few month have been interning at BritAsia which is the biggest british-asian channel in the UK with view-ship of over 4 million, and I have been in talk with them to poten4b20ec1b5b64514a27c4a3181665c2ddtially have my short film aired on the channel.

I also want to maybe enter much film in for a competition, they prize is an internship in USA which would not only make me feel amazing but it would help boot my career.


I have also have looked in to the costs, the average fee is £20 – £50 it will depends on the time I get my short film submitted.And with some of the money left over I can afford to enter my film in to some of the festivals

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