Critical Evaluation – Pre Production & Production

The last few time I worked on a project I had a full team of 6 people, so the work seem to be effortless as each job was delegated. For this project I was working on it solo which was challenging at times. In high an sight It would of been better to team up with someone so there was some space to breath, as they say two heads are better then one. However saying that I loved having full control of the project, being able to want and do whatever I wanted was a dream.  With the pre-production I should of been more proactive and on the ball. I shouldn’t of relied on emailing and wait for a response for days. This is my final project I should learnt to be more selfish and aggressive is a positive, when it comes to getting what I want. But I have learnt to be persistent, whether it was a slow persistence, In the past I would of given up and changed what I could control and compromise my script just because I didn’t want to push myself to keep looking, I was playing it safe.

One of the most positive things I did was starting to save early, as that money really did help keep the project afloat. If I did want to keep making films I now know how much it will take to save up, also once this project has been completed I will be putting the money left over back into the pot so I can use it for future projects, and I can use the money to spent on fund raising items,I could of made t-shirtd which could of been sold to make more money. However these are ideas for another time.

On the actual shot, there where things that happened that was out of my heads, like the road works. However there was things like getting extra batteries to be prepared. As this was a project that I worked on solo and there was times I didn’t know what was up or down, the outcome was what I expected, a few mishaps but overall good work. I should of made it clearer earlier to my actors about the date I wanted to film, as it almost like first come first served with actors. The shoot could of gone more smoother if I had planned that much better but with each mistake I learn, which you only learn from experiences, Like sending the call sheets earlier and having more production meeting with the actors so they could of bonded more before the day of the shoot.

I should of cast my net wider in terms of my crew as I two full time crew members including myself with on and off runners. When you know you have the right team it is like the weight on your shoulders is lifted a little. As much as a small crew does works,  it is less opinions to cloud my judgement with more people on set. When I look back to directing other projects I am proud of how I worked on the project. I was more confident and believed in what I was doing, when you are passionate about something and have high hopes, I feel the attitude towards the outcome is different because I wanted it to be good, the best it could be and that is what kept me going. Because a few times in pre-production I did want to give up but then the knowledge of knowing why I was doing it was a good drive.

Overall I know with the pre-production process I could of worked harder and pushed harder to get the answers sooner then waiting a few days. It is also important because it’s like a butterfly effect, if the pre-production is weak then the production will be poor and then the post-production won’t work. I am glad that my pre-production planning wasn’t terrible, I just know with in myself that it could of been that much better. For production days I should of been more aware of the small things, like having extra batteries with is a small thing but I does effect production scheduling in a big way. Also I should be watching my talent as they are bring what is in my head on to the screen, by giving them some control in the beginning it is harder to change the character when that person is set into the role, which could of been overcome with production meetings with my actors.


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