CV (analysis)

Nicole Basran CV

after talking to the careers advisor about my CV, I have update the information on my CV taking out old information. As well as shortening information to bullet points to make it brief and to the point, which also makes it a much easier to read for employers.

I have changed the layout from a standard left to right written word document, to something with is more eye catching. It’s over the top with colours or images. It is just a few font changes with different positions which make it look different.

I have tried to keep my CV to one page, which from my research was an advantage and would work in my favour how ever there is some information that I can’t take away just yet as I don’t have much experience to show case my skills full so I still have some old experiences on my CV that I feel gives employers better knowledge of my skills and who I am. As I get more experience in the future I will be able to change my CV to be less old information which hopefully make my CV shorter and be on one page.

One of the good things about my new CV is that I can easily, so when apply for placements/jobs I can change bites of information so It caters to the job. But I feel with this new CV I will have a better chance at obtaining schemes/jobs, as it is more to the point, letting them know what skills I have. It reads easier and isn’t long winded.


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