Critical Evaluation – Editing

Now that production is wrapped I have to start putting my research on editing and what I have learnt froScreen Shot 2015-05-15 at 08.51.01m watching tutorial on colour correcting to the test. First things first, changing the name on the clips and sound files do that it makes it easier to find footage.I had noticed that some of the camera work wasn’t a thigh as I hoped it could of been. It would of been better if I had booked out a monitor to help see clearer what was being shot.

I found it easy to rough edit each scene and placing all the other scenes down the time line so it isolates the scene I am working on, editing the footage was the simplest task out of editing. I thought Sound would be easy. However I discovered that my male actor had changed his lines slightly each time, so it made syncing the sound hard, for example the scene in the coffee shop in particular was the scene where the road work were happening. With sound we managed to get some good clear sounds but the footage for that sound was the best for the scene, so I has to chop up the sound and clips for it to work. As a director I should of noticed that he was saying a different sentence each time. But I have managed to edit so it doesn’t look to much out of sync, which is putting my editing skills to the test.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 08.51.54

As the sound edit goes on I found it had gotten easier as the day had gone one, It’s like we all had settled into out roles and we was more comfortable on the shoot. The clips aren’t as choppy and the sound is a nice and long with no cuts in them. Which looks and works so much better then the first scene. I have learning how important it is to get the sound right on each take, whether it is a test shot or an actual take. Once I got over the first scene the rest seem to be so much easier. But it was still really tidies syncing it up, while I was researching into editing I came across a programme that helps syncs sound a footage ‘PluralEyes’. I make the mistake in not looking into the software as if I knew how to use the programme it could of help me and make the film look that much better. But now that I know how hard it is to sync sound I will start to learn the programme so I can have that skill under my belt, which would work in my favour after graduation.

Colour correcting seems to be straight forward, however because I have a love of edits, and with colour correcting a clips you can’t select multiple clips and edit at the same time. However I did find a way to make it easier. For example If I has colour corrected a clip and a few frames down the clip is a similar lighting then I could ‘copy’ the colour corrected clip and I select the clip I want the same colour correction on, which could be more then one and ‘Paste Attributes’ which then I can tweak it if needs be. It is a short cut but when you have some many edits it just makes it easier to work on the project. As you still have to adjust each clip but the hard part of getting the main colours right seems less hard. I like picking up hints and tips, who doesn’t like to make things simpler.I did find it difficult because some of the footage was under exposed which made it harder to colour correct.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.47.41 Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.48.21 Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.48.56

It was really helpful having music that I didn’t have to worry about if it was suitable. I did also have to go on to copyright free sound effect websites to get sounds like, the car crash and hospital machine noises. It wasn’t to hard to fine copy right free sounds as throughout the years I have learnt where to go to and not to go to. The length of the final edit is 24 minutes, which is a really long however I have edited it as much as I could, cutting some scenes out. If I had taken out more the story wouldn’t make sense and I feel the audience would be confused to what is happening.

Overall with the editing process I feel that I had over come my fear of not being able to complete the edit to a good standard, even though I an disappointed to the length of the film, knowing from my research “the shorter the better” but I wouldn’t have been able to make it shorter. But from that I have learnt that my writing skills needs working so I can have a play write which is more compact and is able to tell a story with out stating the obvious. I feel that I need to keep working on my editing skills so that I have a better understanding of how to shot to make the editing process easier.



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