After Graduation (reflection)

My Plan for after graduation is try an get as much experience in broadcasting as I can, to build my portfolio to eventually get into a higher role, and maybe outside of the country. Right now I am applying to as many schemes which will help boost my contact list and again experience.

This module has help me prepare myself with what to expect from the working world. However I understand that it will take a while to get to where I want to go. I am hoping that by the research done on this module it will give me a better chance when it comes to applying for schemes and jobs. As I have learnt from the bigger companies, what they are looking for It is likely smaller production companies will look for the same things.

As final year is closing in fast, It is time to start applying for graduate schemes that offer a longer placement then, 2 weeks work experience. Applying for schemes/job could be a long process taking the day to search and find, then reading about what they are looking for and then the application process takes time as you want to it to be to its best. Then it is the waiting game, I do wish I had applied for more graduate placements to get a head start before graduating. However I will have to start applying now and hope I won’t be waiting to long for a replies, I have found a few schemes with bigger companies like, Sky, through their academy schemes as well as looking on ‘Creative access’ which is a website that posts internships opportunities from television companies.

overall I need to finish my CV and work on building my portfolio so I can be a strong candidate for when it comes to applying.


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