Production – day 2

After Sleeping like a baby, I had more faith in getting everything done nice and quickly. We started on location at the Health and life science building. we had arrived on time and had everything set uIMG_2657p waiting for the arrival of the actors. As soon as they did I explained the scene has a run though and within a few hours we have finished.

Going back to the house we got two big scenes done. But the curse of the batteries struck again, first with the IMG_2646boom mic the battery went then the camera again, so we decided to go into uni to get other one, and then the edirol mic died, so we had to go get new batteries. Which took a massive chunk out of our schedule. when all the batteries where replaced we was ready to finish the scene which we ended up finishing.

we went to the last location, at this point because we were now a few hours behind we had hit the beginning of rush hour. Luckily the members from the Guruwara where still waiting for us.  As the mScreen Shot 2015-04-23 at 21.14.32 2ale actor has to go early we got all of his scenes done first so he could go early, even though it was 4pm. We filmed the last few scenes and that was a wrap. we has offical finished around 5pm.

Day two was stressful for a different reason, the equipment, that has let us down however we had all the footage we needed so there was not much complains.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 19.46.41


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