There aren’t many posted jobs for floor managers, however the closest job to apply for is a runner or to do experiences and working your way through. However there are many websites to help find these experience. I of the best website I have found is ‘My first TV job’ this job site makes you fill a online CV which is on there system, and from there I get send emails for potential job/work placements. Which is really helpful to be able to filter what job, however the one issue is I will have upgrade to be able to apply for the more exclusive jobs.

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Another site that one of my contacts had told me about and is really good, Grapevine Jobs which you get job alerts similar to MFTVJ, there are many site where you and upload a CV and wait for the emails to come in, However I had been told by talking to Lucky, who had worked in the media, had told me with job site it is more likely to stand out is you upload your CV ever 2 weeks. As it uploads there system and employers look for new top of the list CVs not CVs that have been sitting on the system for months. Hearing this was an eye opener to why I stop getting emails after a few moths.

For broadcasting London is a good place to look, However now with the opening is Media City in Manchester. I happen to live closer to London which is a positive as I can get into London with in a hours. But with the move to Manchester it would become difficult and I will have to relocate, on the other hand If I come a freelancer that mean I would be moving around which would be an advantage if you like to travel. With freelancing there are many positives and negatives, like

  • as said before, not being in one place for to long – opportunities with other companies
  • You are your own boss
  • being able to have your own schedule

the disadvantages would be

  • not having a foundation, always uprooting can be stressful
  • work won’t be consistent, which could be a finical issue
  • working long hours to met deadlines
  • competing with a lot of other competition

I ideally would like to work with a production company full time, as it is more suited to the person I am, however I wouldn’t mind freelancing for a while to kick start my career. As I am trying to avoid freelancing I am looking in to programmes with bigger companies like BBC and Sky.

when looking into salaries the majority of floor managers working on a freelance basis can be paid on an hourly, daily or weekly rate. A freelance floor manager may earn between £180 and £400 per eight-hour day, with higher salaries being paid in London.Range of typical starting salaries: £14,000 – £20,000. Range of typical salaries at senior level/with experience (e.g. after 10 – 15 years in the role): upwards of £25,000. Working hours can be long and irregular, often including evening and weekend work. It is not uncommon to work a 14-hour day. Hours are usually dictated by studio booking times and a floor manager is expected to stay until the job is done.nWhen working freelance, you will be expected to work the hours demanded by the production company. On the other hand, in permanent positions once established, you may earn over £25,000 but it is likely you will need to start on a lower salary in order to secure work and gain experience. Which is suggested from Prospects.

Being a floor manager isn’t the job for you if you want to live the high life, as the income isn’t the best. Being a floor manager is for a person who is passionate about working in the TV industry. Which I don’t mind as I have wanted too do this for a long time, and I would rather do something I love. however it will take me a while to start earning that type of money suggested above, as I will have to start at runner leave which is next to nothing and work my way up.







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