I have been lucky in getting some experience in working at a television channel and other small freelancing experiences like camera work. I had obtained an Internship which one of the biggest British Asian music channels, BritAsia.

I came across the opportunity through social media, which I have found to be a helpful source to finding new opportunities. From there I send out an email and got an Interview.

While I was at BritAsia I just to shadow the producer and saw what happens behind the scenes. I also got to meet different members of the team, from the programme manager to finance directors. It was great being about to talk to them and get an insight to the different departments and see how each one works together. However as the channel wasn’t based in a studio, but in an office and all production is on location. I didn’t get to experiences first hand how a floor manager would work. But it I was able to pick up skills which would help me when I do go on in the future.

As an ultimate goal I would like to work for a television company abroad, in the states. I had spoken to the members at BritAsia about this goal, and as they have contacts out there and have been been in talk with people in the industry, She has suggested production house I could contact in the future.

I looked into schemes like the BBC, I had gone to the BBC production trainee scheme launch, which was a workshop showing us how the scheme application process worked and what they are looking for. We got to meet with members of the BBC and people there where on the scheme.

I have also applied for The Network, a four day event for 50 people, where you learn the skills to work in television. I have found the other way to network is to just talk to people. I found the more people tell about what I want to do they reply with ‘I know someone” and I just pass my information on to them, which could just get lost however it is a step and there is that chance it will get passed on.


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