Contact List

This is a list of contact I have made, who is in or works around the TV industry.

Dips Kaur – BritAsia Producer – number and email

Gurjit Singh – BritAsia Producer head of music – email

Shippi – Works in technical service (freelance) – number

Lucky – Worked in media industry (freelance) – number

Kassie Bowen – Wanderlust FP – Video Producer (freelance) – number and email

Tim Jonhson – BBC recruiting manager – email

Chris Seventon – career advisor, coventry uni -email

Even though this list isn’t a full ten required. It is made up of contacts I have met personally and exchanged details. I have found from research that is it difficult to find contacts online, the best way to network and make contact is face to face by going to the scheme days. I have made a linkedin profile to help me widen my search however I will need upgrade my profile to be able to contact the members directly.

With this list, which I hope will get longer over time, is conducted with people that have a connection with broadcasting. Which would be a good way for me to get my foot in the door. The last two contacts are impotent to have someone whose job it is to give advice to improve yourself and market yourself in a better light, and as my portfolio is my CV I will need as much advice as I can get. Which I have started to do, I contacted Chris Seventon to get advice on how to improve my CV

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 00.50.56


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