building a portfolio

For my future career goals I will have to produce create CV, as I will have to rely on my experiences to build my portfolio to showcase my skills. However ever I have had the same CV for a while and is in need of some TLC.

So what does the media industry look for in a CV?

When researching what companies look for in a CV, Mediargh suggest a few points before starting

  • Give myself some time – taking time to read through your CV and tailor it to each job I apply for, if rushed when reading back I’m most likely to fine errors.
  • Have a Look at other CVs – it is likely that there will be a CV online that relates to the same industry I want to work in. I should examine the CVs critically, and think about how it could be improved also whether or not I would invite them for an interview.
  • Online presence – CVs isn’t Just the only thing anymore, Interviewers/employers can google you, so I should check my privacy on social media and see what is under my name.
  • One page – keep it short and sweet, Employers scan your CV so they won’t want to read pages and pages of information that isn’t relevant to the job at hand.

here is my Old CV, if I’m going by the few bullet-points above, I am in dire need of help.

from further research into making the perfect CV, I found some good tips from the BBC Academy website, which is similar to the other career advices website.

– Keep it relevant

– Keep it concise

– Ask yourself “So what?”

– Keep it factual

– List achievements rather than replicating a job description

– Talk positively and enthusiastically – use empowering words like “Responsible for”, “Ensured” etc

– Don’t have false modesty – if you are proud of what you have achieved get it on your CV

– Don’t presume people know what you have done – spell it out

I also have gone to the university careers consultant to get face to face advice, I have also sent my cv to him to get feedback. Going to the consultant was a really good way to get feedback and talk about the path I have to take to get to my ultimate goal.

The feedback I received back my CV is to update experiences, changing the layout and taking away irrelevant information from high school. He had given me hand out with examples for not only a CV, but a cover letter which was really helpful as it showed me what a professional CV/cover letter looks like. Even if I don’t get into the career I want I will have the knowledge of how to set my CV out to look professional.




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