Being a Floor Manager (Research)

So what does it take to become a floor manager?

According to Prospects a careers website, the skills required are

  • the ability to foresee, solve and avoid problems under pressure;
  • a friendly disposition and an air of calm authority;
  • excellent communication skills to receive, interpret and convey information accurately and concisely;
  • interpersonal skills, in order to quickly judge how to get the best out of different people;
  • good organisational skills and the ability to multitask.

I would say that I have most of the skills however the skills like, Interpersonal skills, is something that I will build on as I get more experience with different situations and meeting different people. With most things in life the more hours you spent working on it, the better you get at it and I feel this applies to becoming a good floor manger.

Where to make contacts?

The best way to make contacts is to start out local, getting in contact to local production companies to get possible work experience. other ways are to apply for training schemes with TV companies, like Channel 4 and their 4Talent programme as well as BBC’s training schemes.


these schemes are a good way to learn the ins and outs of a production company, with making contacts with the hope to possibly offer being kept on. Reading about networking on My World of Work they suggest it is unpaid work experience is essential, also starting a professional career in television it is likely to start in a small role like a runner or assistant floor manger . It is also suggested to read media press, Like Broadcast which keeps reads updated on the latest media news. It is a good way to stay relevant and show your interest  in the industry.


With the television industry a portfolio is made from the experiences gained working in the industry. The more experience obtained the better the chances are with getting a job with bigger company and make the way up the ladder. as there is no set requirement to getting in the industry, the best way is to build up a CV. It is also know now for floor managers to Free lance with short contracts.

With my portfolio I will have to work on my CV as a show reel or website won’t do my much good with getting into the industry. I have had the same CV since 6th form, it is a basic CV so I will have to update it and make it look more professional.


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