For the film I want to have some copyright free original music. I had the luck of Interning for ‘Britasia’ and TV channel, which is one of the biggest music channels for British asians. There I had the pleasure of meeting with a few music producers and singers. I ended up getting the number of a top music maker/producer. ‘Jagz Klimax’. So I thought I would use having that contact as a plus, and contacted him. As I didn’t have any other information but his number I opted to text him. I should of rang him to make it more sound more professional, but that is a mistake I wouldn’t make in the future. However he did replay showing interest which was a nice surprise, but unfortunately the date I wanted to meet with him and work on the music He was going to India, we talked about discussing it when he was back, but he had new music being released so he was to busy promoting.


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There is also another music producer that is known at Britasia, but I have a little bit of a in with this producer as he is a friend of the family. So when I called to ask about the music he was more then happy to get me to go to the studio to listen to the tracks, as making a track from the beginning would take much longer which it time I do not have. I He was more then happy for me to use his old music, Giving me a whole album to use what every song I wanted.

Baldev Mastana owns ‘World Music Studios’ and the album I was aloud to use is called ‘Nach Patlo’ A mix of party to romantic songs.

jnvmi 28207


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