No project will be complete with a few setbacks. For met it has been the locations, especially finding a house and Guruwara which I honesty thought would be the easiest. I haven’t heard back from the show homes. I should of emailed them first which would of given me more time to chase them up, I have a back up which is the house I live in, but I don’t want it to look like a student house. But that will have to be the last result.

The Guruwara just doesn’t want anything to do with me, they feel like my project is a negative light of the Guruwara, which it isn’t, but a I have fast learnt that the Guruwara is a community. Letting someone that is a stranger, isn’t something they are comfortable with. I have started to contact family friends as it is most likely that someone will have a connection and can get me my in.

The Other setback has been the shooting dates, I had originally set out to have a three day shoot, having two reasonable days and keeping the third dat as more of a reshoot day, so it being more relaxed day. However one of my actors has another shoot, so I have to cut the shoot to two days. As soon as I was about to send out the call sheets, I got an email from the other actor saying they have to leave early on the second day. Making my shoot a day and half. This was my biggest fair about scheduling, now I have to rearrange the timing and shooting scheduling. It is going to be a long day.


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