For my FMP I will be editing the film myself, I have edited before however when it comes to colour correcting I haven’t got much experience. So I researched into the techniques, where are some many guides online to help. This gives me so much more confidence being able to colour correcting, making my short film look more cinematic. This is going to be the biggest challenge through out this project, however it will be a good challenge as it will build on my skills.


I also looked into tips for editing.

  1. Choose the best camera angles for each moment. As you look at your footage, your goal is to balance speaker intent with the expectations of the web audience. Think about where the audience would want to be looking at different points during the talk if they were in the room — that will help you select the best camera angle to reconstruct each moment. By thinking about that, you are also choosing angles that help the speaker better express his or her story.
  1. Use more close-ups and medium shots than wide shots. It’s important to cut between different camera angles so that the audience understands the space where the TED Talk took place. But once the talk is contextualized, close-ups and medium shots hold the most meaning for the audience. It’s engaging to watch speakers’ facial expressions and body language as they speak and, with a closer view, you can just see it better.
  1. Watch a speaker’s body language and pay attention to the way they talk.Language is embodied. A speakers’ thoughts, words and breath are all revealed through their body language. Meanwhile, each speaker has a unique rhythm and cadence to their voice. If you pay attention to these things, it will provide a natural rhythm for your editing and it will all feel intuitive for the audience, too.

The are many different cuts in films, which could give different effects.



The best way for me to learn will be by watching tutorials on YouTube, by watching it will help see how each settings effects the footage. There are so many videos up with different ways to colour correct, by watching a fair few it will let me see what is the basic tools need and they try the more advance techniques when I have seen enough and I feel confidence.

here is an example of one the tutorials I watched.




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