My story isn’t just based on the stories I have heard from friends and family. It also helped that I read a lot. which has helped with my writing through the years, the more I read the more I find it easier to create story. I researched into what is need to be a good script writer and I can across lessons from Stephen King on how to be a great writer. There are some interesting points like writing for yourself, don’t try to please everyone also take a risk don’t play it safe. All points I have tried to take on point when writing my script.

I like reading romantic drama books, as it is a nice escapism from everyday life. And when writing the script I was reading a book called ‘ When you were mine’ by Rebecca Serle. It is modern Shakespeare tale with a twist. The story of Romeo and Juliet but not many know that Romeo was ‘in love’ with Juliet’s cousin Rosaline, the story is from her point a view. And the way she write that story was just so gripping, the way she took something well known and made it new this is something I would love to be able to do.

from my research on become a director, I watched films, films that has similar themes to my short film. Clifton has given me a short film to watch called ‘Bidoon’ it was a beautifully shot film about higher and low class, they have the issues of money keeping them apart. my short has the issues of tradition. I loved the way the film used close up to show intimacy, which is what I wanted to use there is something about close ups that shows emotions.


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