I have put up cast calls on StarNow. As in the past it has worked for me so it is best to stick to what works best. I had put up Two Cast Calls, one for the main male and other for the main female. I have some Interests for the roles which is promising the role with run for a few week and then I will hold audience.

both character have to look asian, Indian would be best but it doesn’t matter so much. For Jas I was hoping to find a girl that has natural beauty as the character of Jas isn’t a make-up wearer. I envisioned Jas being very innocent but has a big heart someone that doesn’t like to disappoint her loved ones. However Ravi again I handsome lad, who knows it. Ravi is hard working and pushes for everything, no is not a word he knows or can take very well. I want to find a boy that is charming and witty but can bring emotion to a scene where it matters.

For the Extras I will post it a little closer to the date, or when I have conformation of a location I can sent them to.

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