Making a Short Film

Even though I have make short films before it always helps to research as I could learn something new. I came across ‘Raindance‘ and their rules of making a short film. The shorter the better, tell a story and beware of cliches are some of the things to make a good film. The BBC recommend similar things, one thing that stood out was having a, strong script. I have been working on my script for months and I feel each time I work on it, it becomes better. The story is there and just need to work on the dialog. The scripts are nine pages long and I am hoping that the film will be about 15mins long. But I feel it may become longer. But I want to keep the film as short as possible as it will keep the audience attention.

The best thing I could do for my short film is to plan and plan. I have the main script I just have to tweak it. I need to start looking into my actors as that is the biggest thing and getting the right actors is what could make a good short film. Also Locations, they are the main things on my list. The scenes are all sent indoor so it will make it easier, because I won’t need to get permission from the council. There will be four different locations, A coffee shop, house, Guruwara and hospital. I feel the hardest location to find and get permission will be the Hospital and Guruwara, as I haven’t film in these locations before, as I know of Guruwaras and being Indian is an advantage I am hoping they will be helpful and willing. In terms of the hospital I wanna have to research into possible ideas on recreating a room.


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