Stylistics – sHumday

I have been the writer for the project, I will also be the director and cinematographer, and this will allow me to have full creative control over the narrative and the visual of the film. For inspiration I have been watching short film and feature films to get an idea of what types of shots would work well. One short film that I really liked called, ‘Bidoon’ directed by Mohammed Alibrahim. I really liked the cinematography and the tone of the film. It has a similar storyline in terms of two people not being able to be together.


sHumday will have a coming of age style, with simple edits because I want the audience to be focus on the story and what is been told. As it is influenced by the Indian culture and Bollywood is full of colour, I would like to keep that style. But keeping it light. I have made a sizzle reel to give an insight of how I would like my film to look.

I feel that the one location that will be most important is the Gurudwara scene. I have looked at three places. I want it to be open and light, so it almost looks like heaven. As the gurudwara is a place which is meant to be important in an Indian’s life, the three that I have seen there is a lot of natural lighting with will be good for lighting as I wont need to set up, if any, lights.

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For the main characters I am looking for two British-Indians, for the boy I am looking for someone that is stylish but is down to earth, and for the girl I would like someone that in innocent looking, and reserved as a character she is passive. I have potentially found my main male character, however he is out of the country and hopefully when it comes to filming he will have retuned.



Bidoon. (2012). [film] Qatar: Mohammed Alibrahim.


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