Logistics – sHumday

sHumday is the biggest project I have ever done, from the numbers of actors to the location, as well as equipment. If I was to prices this project all together with the real world prices it would come up to over £20,000 with would include everything from actors, location, equipment, prop, crew for production and post production with other expenses added in with the duration of 7 days. However the budget will cut down due to hiring equipment through the media loan shop, and with the crew I will be enlisting help from my course mates. So my budget will consist of location, actors, props, and additional expenses for post production adding up to £3000.

I will be raising the funds with the help from friends and family donation, also I will set up a Indiegogo campaign and I will try to raise some money with a bake sale with was successful the last time we need to raise money. I also came cross a website which lets you sell t-shirts which they make, all I do is design them.

I would need up to 4 actors, the main male and female, the groom and a parent. I would also need a lot of extras as there is a scene in the guruwara, which is the wedding. I have looked onto locations and I would only need two locations the guruwara and a house. I have spoken to a traditional Indian cloth about have the cloths leant out to me; in return they will be credited.

sHumday is the most passionate project i have been involved in. it’s also something that hits home for me. This is my culture and and it isn’t perfect but that’s what i want to show, the imperfections are what help the us grow and change.


CU Media (n.d) Media Production Rate Card


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