Impact – sHumday

sHumday is a short film which gives and insight to the a life of a British-Indian’s life. It is set out to show my audience the culture we will in now. And how it hasn’t changed as much as we thought. I would like for my short film to be seen by the British-Asian community, as this is a story, which questions our traditions and we can change the law by it doesn’t change everyone’s view. This is what I want my short film to do; to be able to change the view on relationships and that love is something that can’t be forced.

I have looked in to film festivals, which relate to my target audience. Like the London Indian Film Festival, London Asian Film festival, British Urban Film Festival and many other local festival. I would like to reach a wider audience as I feel the story is gripping and different. I have looked in to submitting to the Raindance festival and Sundance festival. Also in other countries like The New York Indian Film Festival, I will have to submit my short film through general or late application due to the shooting schedule.

I have for the last few month have been interning at BritAsia which is the biggest british-asian channel in the UK with view-ship of over 4 million, and I have been in talk with them to poten4b20ec1b5b64514a27c4a3181665c2ddtially have my short film aired on the channel.


I have also have looked in to the costs, the average fee is £20 – £50 it will depends on the time I get my short film submitted.

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