Context – sHumday

sHumday is a short film, which gives an insight to Indian culture and how the caste system is still effecting lives in a modern day and age.

I started with looking into the way the Indian culture has changed, especially in Britain. Girls becoming independent, going and living out at university, travelling on their own and being able to marry outside there faith. Has I started to research into the topic, the question I kept asking myself was, has it really changed? It made me look at my own upbringing and question my parents to compare along with my friends. I realised that yes our community has changed with the acceptance of girl and having more freedom. However that freedom only stretches so far.

Marriage. A word that is meant to be about love, a bond between two people before god but for an Indian it is about honor, duty, no just two people but two families. And with that come rules and politics, which don’t make sense to me, because everyone has a rigEnd-Honor-Killings-in-Pakistanht to be with whom ever they want. Love has no bounds so why do we as people put them in place for others. I began researching into religion and looking at the rules on interfaith marriages/relationships.

I found that interfaith relationships are no so uncommon. I also went around town to ask people first hand to hear what they through of the issue. I found that it wasn’t much of an issue, because most people said they won’t religious and it wouldn’t be a problem if their partner were.

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I started to look into other issues that may relate to marriage in the Indian culture, and I came across the subject of honour killing, and how in India and other eastern parts of the world it still occurring. With up to 1000 cases in Indian and Pakistan a year. These types of violent acts happen to main girl/women who have been married into families with different upbringings also caste. I ended up looking in to the caste system, because even through it was abolished almost 50 years ago it is still present and in place for most families.

And with that I decided to basic my short film on the issues of the caste system and how it is still effects lives of British-Asians in the 21st century. Some of my influence for the story, I have heard from friends and families. Also by literature, I love to read and a resent book that I have read, ‘when you were mine’ by Rebecca Serle, is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet but before they met. Which is anyone has studied about Shakespeare will know about, Rosaline. I have taken inspiration from this book because I love the idea of an untold story. Which is the tone I would like my short film to be, an untold story with gives an insight in to a world others haven’t seen or heard about.




Rebecca Serle, 2012. When You Were Mine. Edition. Simon Pulse.

William Shakespeare, 2014. Romeo and Juliet. Edition. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.




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