Move from 360mc to 361mc

I was pleased with the feedback from 360 and for my project to be be approved.

my Idea first started from my presentation for ‘Passionate Me’. I made a Joke that I want to end up married after graduation. Which turned into a conversation on the Indian culture in Britain, and how the girls with in the community have changed and are stepping out of the social norm, of being a house wife. Throughout the 360 module I has so may topics and issues that could be raised.

For example:-

Indian girl becoming westernised (documentary) 

Interfaith marriages (short film) 

Indian families wanting sons more then daughters (documentary)

I liked the idea of interfaith marriages, and making a drama about how they have affected the relationship between the families and communities, However from my research from 360 I found that It wasn’t so much interfaith relationship between for example Indian and Christianity that was the issues, because the most people aren’t religious so that part of someone was the issue. Looking at the Indian culture on it own, I found that the biggest issues when it came to marriages was the ‘Caste System’. which has been abolished around 1950s.

Indian Wedding Photographer, Punjabi Wedding Photographer

But the ideal for the caste system is ever more present in the the Indian community. It’s something that has been written down and analysed as it is like a code of conduct between some families. Which is how I came to develop my idea. through out the year sI have heard stories from my family or friends about the caste system being the reason for a marriage not happening. When hearing the stories or witnessing the issues for my own, the question always came into my mind, what do the people in the relationship or now non relationship feel? Love is something very powerful and when something as natural as love is been controlled it can only cause problems, especially when other peoples opinions matter.

So I went into this project thinking about people I have seen going through heartache, and I wanted to show how a small thing like wanting to be with someone could mean so much. I aimed to show my audience that it matters, that we live in a world which is changing and so some traditions need to change to. I also know that it isn’t easy to change peoples opinion with one film but it is a positive start. This is the reason I wanted to make a short film and not a documentary, as trying to find a subject to disclose personal details of their lives and to make a documentary to set out to make someones family look back isn’t my attention. A short film is a subtle way to show the issues in our culture as I didn’t want to bring religion into this as i didn’t want to upset anyone watching, as religion is a sensitive subject for some people.



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