sHumday – Treatment

FMP: Treatment 2 – sHum-day

The opening scene starts with a young Indian boy, Ravi, getting dressed in smart wear. Clearly he takes pride in the way he looks. He has bhangra music playing in the background. He is excited and upbeat. Cutting to a girl, also Indian buying coffee, Jas, with her friend. She’s on her phone texting, the audience see’s the message, ‘good luck, and you’ll be fine’. A massive smile comes across her face. Her friend is talk but knows Jas isn’t listening. Her friend starts teasing her about ‘Lover Boy’.

Jas is on her laptop working, with her earphone in, disconnected from the world. Suddenly her screen has closed. Shocked looks up, the audience doesn’t see his face, Jas asks, “how do you know I didn’t save that?” the person replies “because I have known you for how long now Aloo? I bet you saved it after ever sentence”. Raising an eyebrow. Jas rolls her eyes “not every sentence”. Both have a small smile, because they both know its true. There is a momentary pause. Ravi starts the convocation again, “so, where have you been hiding? For months you have been so busy and randomly you text me. How did you even know about today?” Looking nervous, rubbing the back of her neck, “well it was just that, I was busy. And don’t just put it on me you haven’t been around either, how is she? Ravi is now confused “she? who?”, “the person keeping you busy, and I bumped into your sister and mum, they told me.” Ravi looks away announce on his face, “first of all there is no ‘she’ and you are the one who told me you was busy every time I wanted to make planes. When I came back from my Internship”. Jas simply says, “whatever, doesn’t matter, you’re here now” a quick smile, Ravi knows something is on her mind by doesn’t comment on it. Taking Jas mug and drinking from it “you know, my mum would love to have you as her daughter-in-law, it’s a shame about the narrow mindedness. Jas looks away, shy, shrugs and opens her laptop.

Jas walks into her room, blowing out a long breath she mindlessly places her bag on the floor, a box catches her eye she goes to get it and sits on the bed opening it. She takes out bits and pieces from her memory box. Smiling she removes a picture of her and Ravi smiling. She hears her mum calling; scared she pushed the things under her pillow. Replying she puts the picture at the bottom covering it with the other item. She places the box back and leaves her room. While leaving the room, the scene looks back to the box, fading to a flashback.

At a party Ravi and Jas are sitting at a table, we see it’s a small party from Ravi to congratulate him on the Internship. Ravi turns to Jas, looking at her for a minute get’s up and leaves. Confused about where Ravi has gone Jas goes to find him. She finds him in her room. She asks him what he is doing there, closing the door lightly, worried about being seen. He reassures her that it will be fine, because they are old friends that it will be okay. And then he tells her, that he’s going to miss her. And that she is his best friend and he loves her. She smiles at him and tells him it will be okay, that he will come back and it will be fine. She hugs him and as she pulls away Ravi leans in. They are about to kiss but Jas stops it. We can’t do that you’re my friend, Ravi is upset tells her He wants more and he knows she feels the same. Jas gets up and moves across the room, “it will never happen you know that. We are different, different people our families will never agree. I see the way your Dad looks at me when we was younger, the only way we are friends is because of your mum, but something more, no way. Ravi is hanging his head. Coming back to the present day, we see Jas coming back into the room and Picking up what looks like an engagement ring, and puts it on.

Opening on Ravi sitting at home, he keeps checking his phone, getting restless. His phone rings, jumping to answers. “Oh Aloo … yeah no, through it was someone else… yeah that’s fine, you don’t need to ask silly, see you in a bit”. Ravi opens the door to Jas. Sitting in the living room. Jas is nervous, Ravi starts to talk, “I know what your gonna say” shocked Jas doesn’t have an answer, Ravi continues, “it wasn’t fair on you, what happened before I went, to just blurt it out was just… (Shaking his head) I’m sorry. But I have been talking to my mum and I think she can make my Dad come around and his family. This can work. And I know you are just gonna say no but Aloo you have to try to…”.”I’m getting married Ravi” Jas closes her eyes; she can’t take the look on Ravi’s face. “W-What?” She takes a breath and continues “and before you go on one of your ‘don’t do it, this can work’ rants, it is done and I came here to ask you something, which I understand if you say no, Mum wanted you to step in as my brother and give me away, (laughing) which is crazy.”

Jas whipping a tear away Ravi is just looking at Jas. Jas gets up saying she will let her mum know his answer. He grabs her hand and simply says ‘I’ll do it”. She takes something out her bag and places it on the table and just leaves. Ravi picks up the wedding card and throws it across the room. With tears in his eyes leaves the room when he hears the door, knowing it is his parents.

The audience sees Jas, going through the wedding preparation. She looks lost and not at all being happy. Meanwhile the audience sees Raving arguing with someone. Which results in him getting a slap. While this is going on, old punjabi folk songs are being sung.

Jas is in her room dressed in her wedding dress, “it’s not to late” turning around she sees Ravi, giving him a look, he puts his hands up, “you can’t blame me for not trying, you are the only one for me, I’m not going down without some kind of fight, shumday you’ll be mine, get it Hum, in you and me, we” walking into the room, she meets him half way. Jas Smiles at Ravi and gives him a hug, “I’m not joking” she pulls away “I know, and its scary because it’s what I want but it can’t happen not now not ever, you’re a Jatt and I’m a Chamar” “I don’t care about that, something which is the dumbest thing ever, which doesn’t even actually exists, and the people that think it does, we can just forget them, I LOVE YOU.” Ravi garbs her face, and kisses Jas. A moment late she stops it “I’m sorry I can’t let you do that, I can’t do it, we have to respect our parents wishes”, There is a knock on the door; it’s time to go.

At the Guruwara, Ravi is stoned face and he does his duty. Walking Jas in. As he gives Jas the grooms scarf, he whispers into her ear, I will always Love you. When the time comes for Jas to walk around the holy book. She stands and is expecting to have Ravi there, but she turns and he is leaving, she starts to walk but she can’t stop thinking about Ravi.

Stopping on the third round, she runs after Ravi, everyone is shocked and calling her name. But she can’t hear them. Running and calling Ravi’s name, she catches him going to his car. He stops and turns. She tells him “I can’t do this without you” walking to each other, Ravi suddenly has a shocked face and is screaming and running to her, but Jas doesn’t see the car and is frozen. Suddenly it goes black and all the audience hears is a car crash.


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