Learning from the Past.

researching into the whether there is some kind of caste system in Britain. I came across this article which highlight the truth, even though British Government passed landmark legislation to ban caste discrimination in the country under the Equality Act, it doesn’t stop discrimination according to a British-born Dalit Vijay Begraj, who filed a case of caste discrimination, after being harassed and abused by other Hindus at his work place. He said

“Hindu groups say there’s no issues of caste discrimination in Britain but it’s nonsense”

This is a prime example of how what we what to happen, doesn’t, no matter what laws are put in place. It is almost impossible to change the way a community/culture operates. Because that is just it, it is the culture, which is what makes us all different. Whether it is seen to be wrong by others, however I feel from my own personal knowledge, the new generation that are growing up in Britain are braking away from that particular issue of caste. With that being said, it will take a long time for it to become a complete non-issue.




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