religion or tradition?

As part of my FMP I wanted to look in to culture,and how religion effects love, as my research went on I found that in modern day someones religion doesn’t really have an effect on who we fall in love with. I can across the idea through my research of the Caste system in the Indian community. Which was abolished many years ago, but that hasn’t stopped it from being present in the indian community. In the Indian culture marriage is everything, as well as the biggest hassle and headache for a young Indian boy or girl.


so I have changed my idea slightly, from it being about religion which could been controversial, to the main issue in my short film drama being about the cast system. As I was researching the subject and looking into the way I wanted my narrative to be, I found myself getting really serious and wanting to find facts. But with this issues there are no real facts, especially in the British Indian community. It is an issues with is seen if you live it that world, which I do. And this is the main reason I want to bring light to the subject to show my audience what happens in my world. Me showing the world what most of British-Indian deal with steams from the fact when ever I become friends with someone the same question is asked “so are you gonna get an arranged marriage?” And my FMP is kind of an answer to them question. Showing they truth in a way which isn’t a hard hitting forum like a documentary, it is a simple story which comes from the way I have viewed the world.


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