As my FMP is generated from a personal place, there are other texts that relate to the subject. From literature to film, unlike other film that would play on the stereotypes and tries to make the issues that would be taboo or controversial light hearted, I want my FMP to be emotionally strong, as a short film I won’t be able to incorporate all of the issues I came across in my research. So I what to focus on the issues of tradition and family/social pressure which isn’t done often, one example of this that comes to mind is ‘East is East’ (1999), I love the way the film follow the family through thick and thin. Which is the way I want my audience to feel when watching my film, the feeling of being invited in to watch a personal diary playing out.

As I am thinking of doing a short film, I have been watching films to get inspiration on the style; I know that I want it to be like a window into the characters life. ‘Bidoon’ (2012) a short film, about two people with a secret love but are on different social standings is a prefect example of the direction I want to take my FMP. The themes are similar to my story and when watching it, it did bring some emotions out. It was like, me as the audience, was invading their personal lives but I wanted to know what happens in the end, in a shot space of time I have in my mind the way I wanted the story to go, but it didn’t which was even better.

As culture is a big theme through out my work, I feel culture is a big thing in Britain there is so much of it, not just of the Indian culture, but also with Caribbean, Bangladeshi, Pakistanis and now eastern European’s. And these cultures are being accepted by the British, reality stars joining in with celebrations, Shown in the daily mail, the Notting Hill Carnival that takes place every year, as well are in schools RS (religious studies) kids are learning about other cultures. As much as the British are accepting the diversity, it is the bad experiences the older generations, that have migrated to the UK, have gone though that I feel makes them wary about life today. The British Council have a short documentary up on their website about this topic, called ‘Multicultural Britan

With my artifacts I did focus on the Indian culture. I did what to link my idea of ‘personal’ with my artifact as well as theme of tradition and family, which hopefully gives an insight to the way my FMP will shape into. I feel that with the artifacts I have created it give a good overview of the ideas behind my FMP. I feel like I have succeeded with keeping the artifacts relatable to my FMP and tried to some of the context that would be in my FMP.




East is East, 1999,

Bidoon, 2012,


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