Artifact 2 – Kurmai (engagement)

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For my second artifact, I decided to take pictures from my cousin’s Kurmai, the Punjabi version of engagement, I felt like it fitted into my research into culture, as I have never witnessed a Kurmai before. It was nice seeing all the gifts give and the process of with it take to get engaged. In the British culture the initial engagement (proposal) can be private and just between the two people, then they go on to tell everyone, in most cases. But in the indian culture everything have to big bold and bright. The world needs to know as soon as it happens. Which is nice because everyone that loved the couple was there to help celebrate. I asked the elder people around me at time what does it all me, and my mum replied it’s to show the world that she is taken and this event marks the first of many steps until the wedding day, which i imagine will be bigger and brighter. I love the brightness of the whole evening, it made me think about the style I may want my FMP to be, especially if it ends happily then I would love for it to be full of colour.


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