The Star of the show …

Character Profile –

Name: Sukhraj Jassi

Age: 22

Profession: studying architecture

Personality: Respects his parents, however highly opinionated when it matters, doesn’t take crap from anyone, stays to himself when he is with his family.

With friends he loves to have a laugh and keeps things light. Doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol, vegetarian.

He likes takes pride in his appearance.

He is Heterosexual, doesn’t understand homosexuality, and does not want to know or care about it.

His attitude to dead is when it comes, it comes it is in our destiny. Hasn’t seen much death in his life.

He has been brought up in an every controlling family, and tradition is every important. As well as religion, this is the only thing he has known his whole life, he doesn’t challenge his parents view and goes through life believe what his parents tell him as he is the oldest and he must set an positive example.


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