… and His Stage

Treatment – Notes (Working title)

The scene starts with a family at the Gurdwara, they are there for morning pray. You can hear the hymns being sung. Along side we see a family at Church, singing to. The audience sees the face of a young handsome boy, Sukhraj, focused on his prays, a younger boy is playing on his phone next to him, his younger brother. He takes the phone off him. We see in Church a girl, Elli, with blond hair and a bright smile, hugging an old women good bye. Both are leaving their place of worship.

As they are walking to an unknown location, there is a flashback,

A boy sitting at his desk, at school, as he is copying the board a piece of paper slides on his desk. Confused he sees it from his classmate, she is grinning at him. Still confused he goes to open the note. SUKHRAJ! He gets court out, gets told to stay behind after class. Back to the present day,

Sitting in a bookshop with two coffees while writing on a paper pad. Always writing something aren’t you? It’s Elli, with the same grin as a kid. They sit a have a catch up. As Elli is back from university, which the audience knows with the university hoodie, she is wearing. They get into a conversation about what each other have been up to over the last few months, he tells her about his memory. Elli makes a joke about it being the hooked together from that moment and winks. They laugh and continue to talk….

Sukhraj is has just walked into his family home, His mother is in the kitchen, she questions about where he has been, he get gets his book out of his back and says Library. She’s not happy, tells him he meet to stop going to the library so much and stay home, even though he has been for three months. He doesn’t say a word. He starts to write in his note pad and his mum comes in, what’s this? From her tone he knows there is something wrong. She has his phone it must have gone off. He remembers Elli she must of texted him, his mum starts lecturing him, he wants to roll his eye, yes he has been told stay away from the white folk. He zones out, but as soon as his mum says she’s going to tell his father. His face drops.

Walking into town, Sukhraj is getting football boots, as he pays and goes to leave something hits him in the head, looking down it’s a paper ball. Looking up who does he see? Elli she’s laughing but Sukhraj is nervous looks over his shoulder and behind Elli. She notices and has seen it before. What happened she questions. Sukhraj explains and she is angry but holds it back, she knows how much Sukhraj respects his family but doesn’t get it. She asks to tell the whole story, as he is retelling her, she has a flash back,

A young girl, walking with a young boy after school she links her arm with hers, the next thing she gets pushed off and He’s walked off towards an adult female, his mum, with the most angered face. Coming back to present.

Elli goes to give Sukhraj a hug but stops her self, gives him a weak smile and walks away.

When Sukhraj gets home, he is deep in thought is parents are both home sitting in the living room, he comes in sits staring at the TV screen. His mouth starts to move he is talking but still looking straight at the TV. He is telling then that he saw Elli, his mum is shacking her head. They get into a heated discussion. He goes to his room and after 5 minutes his mum comes in. They have a calming chat.

In the morning there is a knock on the door, Sukhraj is the only one in. opening it he sees the blond her and just knows who it is. Questioning why she is here, Elli just walks in without asking and tells his about life with out him at university and he missing him and hates that she can’t be with him! She steps closer, she leans in for a kiss but he stops her. Shocked about the whole thing, he explains what his parents talked about the night before. She doesn’t get it; shouting at him and asking what he wants, he knows it is her but it cant happen his family won’t agree, Elli still halving shouting, you want me to be like you! Become a sikh? what if I want you to be a Christian would you do it?

He’s on his own thinking about it all. What is he going to do? He’s writing on his notes pad. Leaves it on the table open. Walks out of the house. He’s walking somewhere, we see his dad come home and noticing the pad as he goes to read it his face changes and gets his phone out and makes phone calls, no answer. Sitting on the beach there is a piece of paper next to him. He pushes it over we see a hand the picks it up. Without explains a voice says okay, the audience knows its Elli. Walking about home as soon as he walks in his parents go mad at him, and Sukhraj just snaps, his parent are shocked and his younger brother. After Sukhraj says everthing he wanted for the last 10 years. He takes the deeps breath and blows out. He is getting his suitcase out and his dad walks in, asking what he’s doing. His asks if that was what Sukhraj feel and the answer was yes. His dad leaves silently.

There is a folded up paper in a desk, you see a figure walk to it. And you hear Sukhraj’s voice reading the letter, explaining, apologizing and advising. We then see it his is younger brother. And Sukhraj is saying to never go up on what you believe and follow your head but listen to your heart.


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