1997.Israil.Society.Island Peace Massacre

There was many things happening in Israil around this time, I did here about the terrorist attacks around this time, but the attacks is something what has been happening over the years from 1993 – 2000. over the conflicts with Israelis and Palestinians and around that year the Peace Process was being put into place, after many suicide attacks. in 1997 the Hebron Agreement signed.


When researching into the history of Israil in 1997 I came across the Island Peace Massacre, It was a massacre that occurred at the ‘Island of Peace’ in Naharayim. On the morning of March 13th 1997, a Jordanian soldier opened firer on a group of Israeli schoolgirls, who were on a school trip. Seven were killed and six injured.


the attacker was Jordanian army corporal, Ahmed Daqamseh. His reasoning for the attack was because he was insulted at the girls for whistling and clapping while he was praying. The shooter, who expressed pride for his action, was imprisoned by jordanian authorities, but then called a ‘hero’ by the Jordanian Justice Minister, Hussein Mjalli. the majority of Jordanians disapproved of the attack and expressed sympathy for the family of the victims. Daqamseh became a hero in the eyes of some Jordanians who opposed normalisation with Israel. Daqamseh was found guilty of killing the schoolgirls. Being sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor.


2011, February 14th, Jordan’s new justice minister Hussein Mjalli joined protesters in demanding the early release of Daqamseh. Mijalli a long-time oppositions was appointed to the position as a result of the 2011 Jordanian protests. But Daqamseh would serve out his life sentence.







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